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tv   News  RT  September 5, 2020 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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it. was. russia prepares for the next phase of testing its covert 19 vaccine and despite western media skepticism over its of take to the now the british medical journal say the developments are promising also ahead. for some not for an international probe and sanctions over the alleged poisoning of alexina valley russian doctors offer to set up a joint commission with the german counterpart. if it turns out he was poisoned spain will initiate a criminal case today russia does not have such evidence. and to mass immigration protesters clashed with police in the u.k. court of dover after a spike in illegal crossings over the english channel from france.
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a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me and here arun. last month of russia became the 1st nation to register a coronavirus vaccine criticism from the west soon followed with claims that corners must have been cut but most go now says it's ready to move ahead with more widespread testing and the scientists have now published their 1st findings into the job showing it does produce an antibody response among causer of picks up the story. back in the 11th of august russia became the 1st country to register a vaccine against 19 now more data became available just last friday that show that sputnik the vaccine pretty successfully produced antibodies in all 76 participants in early stage trials now other trials discovered that all patients not only
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developed antibodies but also non all of the participants showed any side effects whatsoever now a study was also published in the lancet which is one of the most respected medical journals in the world and a russian direct investment fund c.e.o. says that that study answers many questions that have a listen because it isn't ultimately the clinical trial results of the sputnik the vaccine published in lancet the world's leading medical journal shows to brush she's leading the way in developing a group virus vaccine and it answers a lot of questions from western critics specifically the journal report concluded that there were no serious adverse consequences among volunteers to to prevent seen and there was a very strong in time in response to the development of antibodies it found that a vaccinated person produces $1.00 times more n.t. body stay in an average person infected with karuna virus they had of moscow's
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censor that's the center who developed the vaccine says that the antibodies that will remain in the patient for a period of years now some of russia's top officials have already been inoculated with the sputnik of the vaccine people like moscow mayor sergey sabean the like defense minister sergei short go and even the let him of putin's own daughter was inoculated as well but that happened much earlier now when speaking to vladimir putin moscow mayor said that the only side effect that he experienced was soo our headache and that he is fine and now now this is of course all in contrast very much in contrast with the concerns that. voiced earlier that russia is really whoring there is stray ssion of this vaccine the in order to be the 1st in the world in the fight against coal with 19 well the way things are now according to the health ministry a rush is ready for max vaccination as soon as november or december and so far 3
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clinics in moscow have received the vaccine for 3rd stage trials and they are now ready to welcome of volunteers now once the united nation the process begins here at home russia will be ready to send the vaccine abroad as well so for many foreign governments have already expressed interest in this food and the vaccine and according to officials there are now over it's when c. requests for hundreds of millions of doses professor dimitri collation on the scope of the institute of science and technology fields the publication about the russian vaccine in the renowned medical journal is a significant step below supplications crucially important for pharmacology and clinical science because none of these have data and this data is reviewed by the best digital board in the world although the giorgo and their purity you can meet you this is
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a great breakthroughs it gives that gives these decisions on top a religious target for public use based on the limited date recall and the reason data that is limited trial is small and usually in normal circumstances you would afraid until the end of the big trials and just start to tolerate it however. of around and blaming it that is destroying the entire immoral. our support for the decision to ridge is through. a group of russian doctors say they've offered to set up a joint commission with their german counterparts over the case of electing never. has been a winner when the russian national medical chamber has addressed the german medical chamber a similar organization that unites german doctors with the request to create a joint commission to find out whether novell he was poisoned or not if it turns
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out he was poisoned then will initiate a criminal case today russia does not have such evidence the request by the russian doctors comes as international pressure continues against russia over the alleged nerve agent poisoning of the prominent opposition figure and acts in a valley remains in a medically induced coma in berlin after falling through very ill on a flight in russia more than 2 weeks ago germany's though it's a refutable that not a chalk was used against him but moscow is again called on berlin to openly share its findings our europe correspondent peter ports. there have been international calls for transparency from russia in an investigation into what happened to alexina valmy the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov of has said moscow has nothing to hide when it comes to mist in the found me he says russia is still waiting though for requests for information to be answered. but it's we
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have already commented on this and said we have nothing to hide the soon as alex in the valley fell ill the plane was grounded and necessary measures roomy julie taken this soon as he was transported to germany those who were demanding information from russia went silent and did not demand anything from berlin this is all following the same old scenario we hear public accusations against russia and the fish all requests to berlin from a prosecutor's office have so far gone unanswered we were promised today that we would soon receive response as soon as we get the facts we will react accordingly this is all reminiscent of what happened with this group poles may it or secretary general again stoltenberg has his mind made up though he says international action needs to be taken however he stopped short of saying what form that should take we strongly believe that this is a blatant violation of international law so it requires an international response.
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but i will not speculate about exactly what kind of international response what we're seeing at the moment is warnings and demands flying backwards and forwards the french and german foreign ministers issued a joint statement on friday evening in which they call a dent an attack against mr novelli we've also heard from the german federal president. he said being a volley case has the potential to cause real problems in the relationship between pearlie in moscow and in vienna we've seen moscow's representative summoned to the foreign ministry to discuss the novelli case. i consider the demands russia conduct a quick open and comprehensive investigation inappropriate in the absence of any information facts or specific data from germany or any response to the russian prosecutor general's request made on the 27th of august it's over
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a week since moscow requested information from regarding the tests that were carried out on alexina volley on friday the german government confirmed that they had received that request however getting that information over to russia might not be as simple as all lot. right their request was forwarded by the minister of justice to the justice department in berlin today in the morning as usual we can't comment on any cooperation regards an internal matters of the investigation so what does that mean russia has not received anything from the ministry of justice or any other responsible oath already as they have already just sad the federal government has approved their quest for mutual legal assistance or speaking in plain language no other information has been given is that right. i reacher a to what i have just said bosco has requested this information because the tests that were carried out in the russian hospital where lex involved he was 1st treated
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showed no trace of any toxin in his system and tests for poisons all came back negative effect to investigative measures are being carried out and if the information about the presence of a poisonous substance in the patients biological samples is confirmed then of course we will open a day jury investigation it's 2 weeks since alexei navalny has been here in berlin being treated the shot a tape hospital physicians say there is no were cute risks to his life at the moment however there is the potential for long term effects from this illness. additionally the russian foreign ministry has pointed out if a novacek nerve agent whilst you state didn't mean it had to have come from russia in connection with the dogmatic assertions that toxic nerve agents known in the west as novi child were developing our country it is necessary to remind people of the following for a number of years specialists from many western countries and specialized need of
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structures have worked on the compounds included in this extensive group of kamma calls for example developers their military applications have officially obtained more than a $150.00 paid in foreign affairs columnist married to jab the case that when it comes to who is responsible there are still many questions that need answering. to jump to the conclusion that there is one obvious arts' to what happened to divine it it's very simplistic because if you look at the balance of advantage say you know who takes an advantage out of what's happened i think it's a huge liability for the kremlin and for russia to be seen to have launched an attack on one of the most colorful and influential members of the
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opposition that it reinforces as we've seen a very negative image of russia in the west i think the relations between the west and specifically europe and russia were starting to warm up after the the freeze over ukraine after 2014. we've seen i would say a slightly different approach to diplomacy from russia over the last few months now all those things are certainly at risk because of what's happened and because of the way it's interpreted which is why i think maybe it's much more complicated why would the kremlin do this at this point it's owned it become an international issue because you never knew was airlifted out to germany and the german doctors made the findings that they did. notice said well it's an international issue because
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whenever you were such an important figure that this was an attack with a chemical weapon and therefore it's subject to international conventions i'm not sure that nato is mandated to run or mandate of anybody really outside russia runs to saying what should happen inside russia. anti mouse immigration activists have clashed with police in the u.k. support of dover comes after more than $400.00 migrants cross the english channel from france in a single day. the protesters blocks the main route in and out of the port but will soon confronted by the police several arrests were made a pro migrant council demonstration was also held in the town the home office estimates more than 5 and a half 1000 migrants have made the perilous crossing over the channel in small boats this year we heard reaction from the to protest. the immigration easing not
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to stop the no nation including the british government doing anything to make these people go back to their own farm it doesn't have to be about obviously it doesn't have to be about the price of the phone from oxford if you look at the countries around. the freshened lebanon turkey to take you where you were more than a very advanced nation our house really should be strong dad was treated with drugs you strengthen our borders very well meanwhile a new damning report has been published about the home office's strategy for dealing with the influx labeled the hostile environment program now was adopted in 2012 and initially aimed at fighting illegal immigration made getting the right to remain in the u.k. more difficult and the hope people would then voluntarily leave the present home secretary pretty patel has vowed to quote review the home office's hostile
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environment policy and to develop a major program of cultural change within the home office but the report suggests the policies have not only failed but have had quote a poisonous impact on society. we find that the hostile environment has contributed to forcing many people into destitution has helped to foster racism and discrimination yet there is little evidence that even on its own terms the hostile environment has been effective in its stated goal to reduce the population of people in the u.k. without a legal immigration status. well until very recently illegal unlike wish it to your something at the british association with greece so it's a loose. rubbish off to the public mind. and so if it is a goal like finding it possible to cross the trail to britain from france. the numbers are going up and there doesn't seem to be very much the british could do
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about it the real problem is that these thousands of people hundreds of people coming from trucks should actually be accommodated intra. france office of the saw a little trances a modern country has and i will 1st state it has perfect democratic laws so we can understand why they don't just stay in troubles. they'll take on the us court as role telling play have violated with a nation of less cherished and then let our thing happen like google to reveal the whereabouts of you this story and more coming up after the break. the u.s. is losing its cachet as world's single superpower u.s.
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dollar is losing its status as world reserve currency removing it to a post u.s. dollar as world reserve it currency the euro and so buffett is picking up stakes and hauling out these days especially the big course of his portfolio and. break down the oh who is another huge name in the money management space is got 20 percent of his portfolio he's the world's biggest i spun out in actual gold bullion you know gold bullion circuits and so that tells you also that the u.s. dollars days are numbered. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy from day shouldn't let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down
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and talk. welcome back the new york police department has revealed new crime statistics they show a wave of violence has been goldfinger the u.s. is biggest city. compares to the same month last year saw a 166 percent increase in the number of shooting incidents across the city while murders rose by almost 50 percent well in the midst of an alarming nationwide surge in homicides another american city has been seen better results in battling crime figures released by the chicago police department show a significant decrease in shootings and murders for all this compared to july which was the city's deadliest month 2020 and city recently increased the presence of law enforcement on the streets despite widespread coast to defund the police were time
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veteran of the chicago police department betsy bratton a smith believes there's a big difference between stripping the place of budget and reforming the system. the finding the police is is just a childish. a fantasy of the american political left progress one of the most violent cities although not the most found city in the united states it's very much controlled by the street gangs there's rampant gun violence and defunding the police will do nothing except in danger the citizens of chicago defunding the place is very different than reforming the police what they've done is they have actually partnered with the federal government and federal law enforcement and they have taken more guns off the street arrested more drug dealers and more street criminals. one of the world's foremost think as noam chomsky is
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today's guest on going underground where i discuss is the upcoming us election climate change and julian assange and will the progress throughout the day here on r.t. international and is available on our website too has a preview we're now facing a number of crises serious ones one crisis is the fruit of climate environmental catastrophe the other approach which is arising with great courage he wrote no is the collapse of the economy as a result of that and many corporations are making money hand over 'd fist so that high tech for example whether that was 1000000000 which just is a. $13000000000.00 or they're going to page shrugs private equity firms are all doing. because the treasury is poor and moderate into the economy not away
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which largely benefits them we are involved in a class war. oh well the really clear students. just do want. you can't they don't have that rule is fragile no it is therefore the most. engaged. take john google has found itself in the spotlight again over concerns about police requests for its data to help pinpoint suspects near crime things it comes after 2 federal judges in chicago this week rejected police requests for so-called geophones warrants and questioned whether they violated the 4th amendment that protects people from an reasonable searches and seizures by the government here offense warrants are relatively new but are being increasingly used by forces to
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identify suspects generally speaking police ask google or other tech companies about any devices in the area of a crime within a specified time frame as the method has previously provoked concerns the judges than expected ruling was welcomed by previously campaigners this is for once a great ruling your phone is still a cope but now core functionality of how cell phones work cannot be used by the government do on mass track citizens in an area new federal courts rulings find your friends warrants on constitutional this warrant applications are most often submitted before there is even a defendant in the case court's recent denials of geo offense warrants present a victory in the fight against government overreach and the invasion of citizens previously. well google has reported a massive surge in geophones warrants the company's store a 1500 percent jump in requests in 2018 compared to the previous year with numbers
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continuing to rise last year it was reported the company received as many as 180 requests in a single week privacy activist down technology expert bill new told us about the protection people have when it comes to search warrants. one of the issues that we have is when the congress in the us decided to adopt the 4th amendment it was big very much because they want to prevent the level of intrusion and our looks we're now at the end dangerous of seeing on a very broad basis the technology is capable of doing so much more surveilling us there have been examples where the wrong people have to be diligent because devices work and it for one person to another room possibly still have somebody else's good look out rolling in it's all. misappropriation of devices that have been stolen
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or were being used without some of these knowledge so you can't absolutely identify somebody by a device and we need to be really careful about the way that we're tracking people because if we have a group of protesters and somebody uses a warrant to collect information about everyone in a particular location we just need to be a little bit careful about how that information is you subsequently and it could be used against those protesters and we don't want to have that sort of level of intrusion nor so islands. you are slim has seen its 11th consecutive week of anti-government demonstrations thousands gathered outside the prime minister's official residence on saturday demanding his resignation he's currently on trial for corruption protesters also accuse the government of west poor handling of the coronavirus crisis the demonstrations have been growing partly in response to incidents of police brutality and place in turn of course have
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called on protesters to avoid provocation that could lead to further violent. protests also ongoing in bella ruse that against leader alexander lukashenko thousands of women marched there in a peaceful demonstration university students to were out in the countries. capital to demonstrate against the detention of a pier that's a place during previous protests which have been rocking the country for almost a month state officials say about 30 people were detained during the unauthorised rallies on saturday with the majority of the now released. and in southern europe coronavirus restrictions have seen large protests take place in the collation captain of the group the rally you can see was called the foot freedom festival hundreds attended without wearing masks in demonstrations against the country reintroducing some restrictions to find its covert 90 after a sharp rise in cases. well those are the headlines here in r.t. international we're back at the top of the hour with all the latest will see you.
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join me every thursday on the other side will be short and i'll be speaking to get out of the world of politics sports business i'm sure business i'll see you there. the president's press conference from the new state department auditorium march 23rd 1961. i want to make a brief statement about laos. it is i think important 'd for all americans.
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to understand this difficult and potentially dangerous problem. these 3 maps show the area of effective communist domination as it was last august and from december 20th now to the present day at the end of march the communist control a much wider section of the country. the position of this administration has been carefully considered. and we have sought to make it just as clear as we know how to the government's concern 1st we strongly and undeservedly support the goals of a neutral and independent laos. to no outside. group of powers threatening no one and free from any government in. my fellow americans they are far away from america but the world and. the security of southeast asia will be in
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danger if laos loses its neutral independence i want to make it clear to the american people and all the world that all we want in laos is not. and. on and on and on. tim jump through hoops. i'm known as going to. you know. i don't know bill could know a real couldn't live. when we were younger we we should let that out of me that would i. would molineux home during the long run. and i was
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really. down on it. and think he and i think so myself. from june 1060 points in my statement 73 to us is true 1000000 tons of bombs and southeast asian countries in what would become the largest county in history until one place would be every minutes 24 hours a day for 9000000 years more than were trapped in germany and japan during world war 2. the. reached the danger of. iran. to go out and respect the good job you have and the. president handed over the war effort in laos
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to the cia. the way it. has made it to the entire peninsula is threatened by red military takeover as it was last may. merit this intervention here along with history to the american people. the people loves you so tremendously. the misery of those who. not only is littered with this many years the 1000000. bomblets base small signs bombs found inside cluster bombs. up to $8000000.00 of these failed to dismantle and just one percent of them are being cleaned.


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